The ExitMap® is a client engagement system designed exclusively for professional Advisors who work closely with business owners.

A few years of advanced planning can radically change a business owner’s lifestyle in retirement. The ExitMap® helps start the critical first conversation and creates consulting opportunities focused on the most important financial decision of a lifetime.

Take the ExitMap Assessment

Business Owners taking the FREE Assessment© will receive the 12-page Summary report for their personal use only.
Access to the 40-page detailed ExitMap® Analysis© and Action Plan© reports is limited to Advisors who are ExitMap® Affiliates.
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Ask clients to complete the free online Assessment©, debrief them with the exclusive 40-page Analysis© and Action Plan©
reports (available only to ExitMap® Affiliates) and build your practice with the help of the Advisor’s Guide©.

Advisor Registration

ExitMap® Registered Advisors receive:
      • Access to sample Analysis© and Action Plan© reports
      • A subscription to The Exit Planning Review™
      • Notification of Affiliate Training Courses
      • The “Beating the Boomer Bust” eBook
      • Relevant Articles and Updates

Start preparing for the wave of Boomer
business transitions with no obligation.
ExitMap Registration

The ExitMap® Advantage

Before planning the legal, financial or retirement strategies for owner transitions, every professional needs an objective view of the company’s ability to support the starting assumptions.

The ExitMap® offers unique advantages by:ExitMap Icon

• Creating a non-sales atmosphere for client engagement
• Positioning a professional as both concerned and expert
• Highlighting high impact opportunities for immediate results
• Placing you as the leader of a multidisciplinary professional planning team
• Generating reciprocal referrals from professionals in complimentary fields

“We are on the brink of the single largest wealth transfer in history.”

Position yourself to lead the conversation and prepare
your clients for their most successful transition.
ExitMap Affiliate Information
A full exit plan requires the cooperation of financial, tax and legal professionals, but the single most important role is as defender of the owner’s objectives. You owe it to your business-owner clients to help them understand that a few years of advanced planning can radically change their lifestyles in retirement. The ExitMap® helps start that critical first conversation.

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