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Be prepared to help your Baby Boomer clients transition their companies

Become part of the largest asset transfer in history, the sale of Baby Boomer businesses. By taking the ExitMap® Test Drive you will become an ExitMap® Registered Advisor with access to resources which will help prepare you and your clients for the coming tidal wave of business transitions.

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Trying the ExitMap® for yourself will allow you to:

See the reports your clients will receive
Review the quality content contained in each report
Experience the customization features first-hand
Learn how feedback aligns with client responses
Understand how debriefing leads to new advisory work

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To test drive the ExitMap® you need only complete our online Assessment. It’s free, comes without risk or obligation and will only take about 15 minutes to complete. ExitMap for Exit Planning Assessment Button

After taking the Test Drive you will become an ExitMap® Registered Advisor with benefits that include access to sample reports, a subscription to the
exit planning blog Awake at 2 o’Clock?, the “Beating the Boomer Bust” eBook, relevant exit planning articles and notification of training and updates.

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