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As an ExitMap® Registered Advisor, you will receive FREE ExitMap® Assessment summary reports and access to samples of the ExitMap® Analysis© and Action Plan©. You also benefit from regular (biweekly) updates on exit planning trends (The Exit Planning Review™ subscription), education in innovative transition structures and access to actual case studies written by top practitioners. There is no cost or obligation, and you can unsubscribe at any time.

For advisors to become Affiliates, registration is the first step and required before any of the training courses can be taken. Register today, and begin preparing for the tidal wave of Boomer transitions. Learn more about Affiliate benefits.

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Registered Advisor Benefits

  1. Access to sample ExitMap® Analysis© (client) and Action Plan© (advisor) reports
  2. A Subscription to The Exit Planning ReviewTM
  3. Notification of Affiliate Training Courses
  4. The Beating the Boomer Bust eBook
  5. Relevant Articles and Updates

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