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The ExitMap® was created specifically for advisors and consultants to accelerate exit planning conversations with prospects and clients. Whether you are seeking a better system for marketing your services, or a planning process that includes built-in consulting opportunities and enhanced branding, our systems provide the missing elements to fill key needs for professional advisors. Take a Complimentary Test Drive

The Four Key Functional Areas of Exit Readiness


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The ExitMap® focuses on both the business owner’s preparedness for transition and that of his or her company.
Reports are broken down into the four key areas of exit readiness. Check it out by taking our 15-minute Test Drive.

ExitMap© Marketing:

A structured sales process to bring a prospect through first introduction to client engagement
ExitMap® reports are generated from a single 15-minute questionnaire.

They provide immediate value and opportunity. The first report is emailed to both you and your client, the second is for you to present to the client after your first meeting and the third will walk you through closing a new engagement.

Your proprietary, branded marketing process is detailed here.

Take a Complimentary Test Drive


See how you can supercharge your client engagement process.

Take a Complimentary Test Drive


ExitMap© Express:
A 90-day exit planning system built for your smaller clients
“Main Street” companies (those with 20 employees or less) have fewer exit options, but still need advisory assistance. ExitMap® Express™ creates a 100 page plan with only ten hours of consulting time in person or online.
Review this powerful, 90-day planning process here.

Learn more about the 90 day Express process and proprietary planning tools.


ExitMap® Membership Options


Allows you to use ExitMap® Assessments with your clients.
A summary report will be sent to
both you and your client.

FREE Membership
Just take a TEST DRIVE


For Advisors who want the marketing and outreach capabilities of the ExitMap® reports, but use other
planning systems for consulting to
mid-market companies.

Set up of $295 includes first month’s subscription, then $99 monthly


For professionals who are seeking a custom branded marketing system with coaching tools, plus the 90 day ExitMap® Express™ exit planning process for Main Street businesses.
Set up of $495 includes first month’s subscription, then $249 monthly

Need more information?

Visit our detailed product pricing and information page or contact us directly (800) 653-5405.

Why I Created the ExitMap®

by John F. Dini, CExP, CEPA
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