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A Letter from the Founder, John F. Dini, CMBA, CExP, CEPA


Dear Professional Advisor;
I am the Founder of The ExitMap®. I have been coaching business owners for almost a quarter of a century, and understand pretty well what makes them tick.
As an exit planner with both the CExP and CEPA certifications (along with a handful of others), I observed two voids in the tools available for working on owners’ transitions.

Engaging Prospects:

While most software includes assessments, many require considerable time to complete. When a client balks at the effort, an advisor can either a) invest his or her own time to bring the client to a decision point, or b) keep “knocking at the door” until the client decides it is time to get serious. Often, it is too late to do any real good.
The ExitMap® keystone reports (12-page Assessment, 40-page Analysis for the client and 40-page Action Plan for you) are all generated from one, 15-minute, multiple-choice, online questionnaire. Your time investment is only a one-hour debriefing meeting. Like all ExitMap® tools, that meeting can be delivered in person or via video call.
The debriefing meeting is carefully structured to lead to an engagement. Once engaged, ExitMap® Affiliates use Value Builder, EOS, Maus, EPIC and a variety of other planning and analytical tools to work with their clients.
But first (quite bluntly), you have to be getting paid. That’s what ExitMap® is for.



Working with Smaller Businesses:

Comprehensive exit planning has always been a mid-market endeavor. However, smaller businesses (20 employees or fewer) make up 90% of the employers in the United States, and their transitions are just as important to them as they are to mid-market owners.
As a coach to owners, I developed a number of tools to help them understand the impact of their decisions on their long-term transition strategies. As the ExitMap community grew, I started sharing those tools with our Affiliates.
Between 2018 and the end of 2019, we began modifying a number of those tools for use remotely. We did not foresee the pandemic, but rather wanted to have the capability to work efficiently with small business owners all over the country.
The result is ExitMap Express™, the 90 day planning process for small businesses. Express is a step-by-step system, with written instructions and short videos covering every interaction with a client. It generates excellent fees (about $500 an hour,) while teeing up a wide range of follow-on recommendations for further services.

We offer two levels of ExitMap subscriptions: Marketing Affiliate subscriptions for advisors who only want the keystone reports and Enterprise subscriptions for professionals who also want to engage in small business planning. Both are reasonably priced, and both include unlimited use.
ExitMap isn’t likely to be your only planning tool, but it should be in every advisor’s toolbox.
I look forward to working together.
John F. Dini
John F. Dini, CMBA, CExP, CEPA

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