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The ExitMap® helps Advisors start the Conversation

The transition in ownership for any private company starts with a conversation. Which trusted advisor starts that conversation matters less than the quality of the entire professional team. While many professionals have expertise in more than one area, none are able to perform all of the functions required for a successful exit.

This graphic illustrates how key tasks may be allocated between team members. While every exit plan is unique, all have the same major elements.
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The ExitMap® is a starting point in the conversation. It doesn’t replace the expertise of an advisor, but rather helps to get the client focused so that he or she has an understanding of what will be required for a successful transition.


Opportunities for CPAs

The ExitMap® process offers considerable opportunities for CPAs to deliver advisory services well beyond traditional compliance work. A properly crafted exit plan encompasses many aspects of financial advisory service.

ExitMap For Accountants  

Extended Service Opportunities
Determining current company valuation
Creating valuation formulas for internal ownership transfers
Developing cash flow projections for finance and debt service
Consulting on “C” to “S” conversions
Preparing due diligence financial data in advance of a sale
Auditing financial statements
Evaluating the creation of multiple entities
Designing NQDC or other management incentive plans
Providing financial and tax analysis for business continuity plans

Additional Benefit: The CPA who is engaged with The ExitMap® is positioned to show the value of his or her proactive involvement in the company, not just as a vendor of compliance information. In an internal succession, the CPA becomes a Trusted Advisor to the next generation of owners long before the transfer is executed.

Opportunities for Attorneys

The ExitMap® process requires documentation, to correct previously missing components in the owner’s structure and governance (which the attorney advisor has usually been suggesting for some time) as well as for restructuring and development of the plan.

ExitMap For Attorneys  

Extended Service Opportunities
Employee Covenant Non-Competes
Trade Secret Agreements
Business Continuity Agreements
Asset Purchase Agreements
Stock Transfer Agreements
Legal due diligence
Creation of related or conversion entities
Representation in negotiations
Creation of Trusts, Family Limited Partnerships,
   and other estate planning strategies

Additional Benefit: The attorney involved in The ExitMap® process enhances his or her position as a Trusted Advisor to the client, as well as establishing a new relationship with the successor owners.

Opportunities for Financial Planners

The financial planning or insurance professional who participates in The ExitMap® team has enhanced opportunities to provide his or her client with products and services.

ExitMap For Financial Planners  

Extended Service Opportunities
Advisory services on reducing valuation and basis for estate purpose
Designing Management and Key Employee incentive plans
Implementing accelerated retirement plans for the business owner
Structure and funding of non-qualified deferred compensation plans
Key Executive and Shareholder buy/sell funding
Business continuity planning
Strategies to invest the proceeds of a sales
Life insurance to protect estate tax liabilities

Additional Benefit: Using The ExitMap® process, the financial and insurance planning professional is able to demonstrate the value of additional products and services beyond traditional risk mitigation.

Opportunities for Consultants

All the financial, tax and legal planning in the world doesn’t mean much if an owner or his or her company isn’t ready for a transfer. The ExitMap® highlights the areas where business skills need to be improved.

As a coach or consultant, your role is to help an owner define his or her objectives, plan the strategy to execute those objectives, and coordinate the professional team needed to make it happen.

ExitMap For Coach Consultants 

Extended Service Opportunities
Assessing management capabilities
Scheduling transfer of responsibilities
Job Descriptions and Role Definition
Process Improvement
Executive Coaching
Strategic Planning
Facilitating Team Meetings
Planning Retreats

Additional Benefit: The Coach or Consultant who is engaged with The ExitMap® is positioned to show the value of his or her proactive involvement in the company. In addition, working with the incoming or successor management team establishes a new relationship with you as their trusted advisor.

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Understand how debriefing leads to new advisory work

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