The ExitMap® Assessment© for Exit & Retirement Strategies, Inc.
The First Step to Understanding the Complexities of Preparing a Company for Transition

This questionnaire consists of 22 questions which will produce a 12-page summary report that will be emailed to you and your Exit & Retirement Strategies, Inc. Advisor. The report ranks the overall preparedness of a company for transition and provides a breakdown of the four major categories of readiness; Finance, Planning, Profit/Revenue and Operations.

Start the ExitMap® Assessment© Questionnaire:

Exit & Retirement Strategies, Inc. utilizes The ExitMap® to help clients understand their current level of preparedness so that they can begin the succession planning process.
    • It only takes 15 minutes.
    • It’s easy to decide which of the multiple-choice responses best fit your company.
    • It requires no financial or other confidential information.
    • It takes a broader view of your business than just the numbers.
Please enter your email address and select your advisor from the drop down list. You will receive your ExitMap® Assessment© report in approximately one business day.


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