ExitMap Assessment

ExitMap Assessment

The ExitMap® Assessment©

The ExitMap® Assessment© is the first step to understanding the complexities of preparing a company for a transition. It consists of only 22 questions, produces a high quality 12 page report and it’s FREE. The report ranks overall preparedness and provides a breakdown of the four major categories of company readiness. There is no obligation or fee associated with the Assessment©.

The ExitMap® Assessment© and the Analysis© accompanied by the Action Plan© are designed to be reviewed jointly by a business owner and his or her trusted advisor. ExitMap® Affiliates should provide their clients with a code to use when completing the Assessment© questionnaire. When entered with the client email address, the form will be prefilled with the Affiliate and client information. The code is not required to complete the form and advisor information can be added manually. If the advisor is an Affiliate they will receive the Assessment©, Analysis© and Action Plan© reports directly.

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The ExitMap® Preparedness Categories



ExitMap Assessment ema icon_finance

Every exit plan revolves
around the equity you expect
to realize from the transfer
of the business.



ExitMap Assessment ema icon_planning

The biggest financial event
of a lifetime warrants careful
thought, preparation and



ExitMap Assessment ema icon_revenue_profit

Sales trends, customer
stickiness and profitability
are the main factors that
determine equity value.



ExitMap Assessment ema icon_operations

The value of any business
lies largely in its talent; the
key employees who can
assume your duties.

The Next Step

ExitMap Assessment EMA2 AnalysisExitMap Assessment EMA3 Action Plan_1020x1281px_72dpiThe ExitMap® Analysis© and Action Plan© are available to ExitMap® Affiliates whose clients have completed the Assessment. The reports break down the Assessment© results into two forty page, answer-by-answer detailed discussions about the urgency and difficulty of improving each area. The Analysis© ranks challenges to increasing equity value so that actions can be organized according to time frame and priorities. The client is required to meet with his or her Affiliate advisor in order to review the Analysis© report. The Action Plan© is a tool used exclusively by Affiliate advisors and provides extended guidelines to use when reviewing the Analysis© recommendations.

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Feedback is generated by a five factor algorithm measuring the overall importance of the question, along with its urgency, difficulty, and ranking of the response. Feedback is also modified by the client’s intended time frame for exit and the current readiness of the management team.

The report is broken down by overall score and preparedness category. A snapshot of each category includes graphs of both the urgency and difficulty sliding scales.

ExitMap Assessment - Learn More About the ExitMap Analysis

Take the ExitMap® Test Drive

Trying the ExitMap® for yourself will allow you to:

See the reports your clients will receive
Review the quality content contained in each report
Experience the customization features first-hand
Learn how feedback aligns with client responses
Understand how debriefing leads to new advisory work

Get Started

To test drive the ExitMap® you need only complete our online Assessment. It’s free, comes without risk or obligation and will only take about 15 minutes to complete. ExitMap for Exit Planning Assessment Button

After taking the Test Drive you will become an ExitMap® Registered Advisor with benefits that include access to sample reports, a subscription to the
Your ExitMap exit planning Blog, the “Beating the Boomer Bust” eBook, relevant exit planning articles and notification of training and updates.

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