ExitMap Express Process

The ExitMap® Express™ Process (Enterprise Subscribers Only)
A Cost Effective Exit Planning System for Small Business

An ExitMap® Express™ plan is driven by standardized tools and technology which specifically focus on exit options that align with the business owner’s goals. The process outlined below is designed for business owners working together with a qualified and trusted advisor. As such, only an ExitMap® Enterprise Affiliate can access the full suite of tools and online resources needed to complete an ExitMap® Express™ plan.

Responsibility Key

➤  Client Responsibility

➤  Advisor Responsibility

➤  Joint Exercise

Module 1

Discovery: Video Conference #1 (90 minutes)

 a. ExitMap® Assessment© Debriefing (full Analysis© review)
 b. Business Baseline© Interview

 i. Key employee information
 ii. Processes and Systems
 iii. Client’s advisor team

 c. Discuss client’s initial objectives
 d. Review Documentation Checklist

Module 2

Data Submission

 a. 3 years financial statements (P&L, Balance sheets)
 b. 3 years company tax returns
 c. Personal balance sheet/financial statement
 d. Company structure, ownership and governance documentation
 e. Complete the Owner Centricity Quiz© (15 minutes online)

Module 3

Financial Analysis: Video Conference #2 (90 minutes)

 a. Complete Cash Flow Calculator©: SDE and EBITDA (online joint exercise)
 b. Complete Cash Flow Illustrator© (prefilled by advisor except for SDE)
 c. Seller’s Sanity Check© (online illustration and discussion)
 d. Distance to Goal Guesstimator and Triangulation© (online illustration and discussion)

Module 4

Life After the Business

 a. Watch “The Five Roads to a Business Exit” video
 b. Personal Vision Worksheet© (online submitted to advisor)

 i. Life and Retirement objectives
 ii. Charitable/Community objectives
 iii. Legacy objectives

Module 5

Operational Analysis: Video Conference #3 (2 hours)

 a. Complete Management Succession Worksheet© (electronic form)
 b. Owner Centricity© Quiz and Management Succession© debriefing
 c. Valuation opinion and industry comparative values (prepared by advisor)
 d. Review Personal Vision Worksheet©
 e. Finalize client objectives for timing, method and proceeds.

Module 6

Initial Plan Design

 a. Overview of Plan elements (submitted by advisor)

Module 7

Plan Presentation: Video Conference #4 (60 minutes)

 a. Review plan for acceptability
 b. Discuss alternatives and modifications
 c. Discuss management development needs

Module 8

Plan Documentation with Action Items for Implementation

 a. Complete Plan with Action Items and submit for client review

Module 9

Final Acceptance by Client: Video Conference #5 (60 minutes)

 a. Review Final Plan for acceptance
 b. Discuss Action Items and Next Steps

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