ExitMap Express

The ExitMap® Express™ (Enterprise Subscribers Only)
A Cost Effective Exit Planning System for Small Business

Comprehensive exit planning is designed for mid-market enterprises. But what about the small business owner? Exiting is still the most important financial event of their lifetime. They deserve professional guidance and someone to defend their objectives, but few can afford the multi-disciplinary approach available to larger companies.

The ExitMap® Express™ system is designed for the 90% of businesses with less
than 20 employees. It includes 9 distinct modules, utilizing 9 proprietary
online tools, and should be completed in approximately 90 days.

Check out the ExitMap® Express™ Process

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Small businesses are unlikely to attract strategic acquirers or private equity investment. ESOPs and IPOs are outside their capacity. The ExitMap® Express process gives an owner the answers he or she needs to understand their exit options.

Express Answers:

Prospective Buyers: Family, employees, partners or another entrepreneur?
Distance to Goal: How much is needed? How much is realistic, and how long will it take?
How do I get there? What operational, personnel and financial improvements are required?
What will I do after my transition?

Express Advantages:

• Incorporates video conferencing technology at every
  step of the process
• No travel time for the Advisor
• Location-independent. Consult for clients across town
  or across the country
• Flexible scheduling
• A step-by-step process which keeps engagements on
• Exercises that typically create client delays are done
  together, online, in minutes!
• The final product is defined in advance, and delivered
  in the timeframe promised

The ExitMap® Express™ gives your small business client a sense of
control. He or she will, perhaps for the first time, understand how
to manage the timing, method and proceeds of exiting.

The ExitMap® Express™ Tools

1) The ExitMap® Reports:
    (Assessment, Analysis and Action Plan) Three reports from one 15 minute online questionnaire. The start of
    every ExitMap® Express plan.

2) Owner Centricity Quiz©:
    An online analysis of the company ’s dependence on the owner for routine operations.

3) Seller’s Discretionary Earnings Worksheet©:
    Completed by the Advisor and owner together in a video call, the SDE worksheet helps define the true cash flow
    and value of a small business.

4) Personal Vision Worksheet©:
    Helps the advisor and client define goals and objectives for “Life After the Business.”

5) Cash Flow Illustrator©:
    Shows the funds available for executing the exit strategy.

6) Distance to Goal Triangulation©:
    A simple graphing tool to develop time frame and proceeds scenarios.

7) Seller’s Sanity Check©:
    A way to quickly test an owner’s expectations of value. Completed by the advisor online with the client.

8) Management Succession Worksheet©:
    Using the answers and categories from the Owner Centricity Quiz, allows rapid development of a functional “depth
    chart” to help identify operational weaknesses.

9) Express Final Plan and Action Items Template©:
    The finished product for the client, incorporating all the tools and findings from the engagement.

Business Development Advantages:

• Engage a “Blue Ocean” underserved market
• No travel time for the Advisor
• Better control of advisor time
• Flexible scheduling
• No limits on geography, work anywhere, any time
• More leads, more referrals, more opportunity
  Tools are equally effective with mid-market clients!

Pricing and Compensation:

You must be an ExitMap® Enterprise Subscriber in order to utilize the full suite of ExitMap® Express™ tools and resources. The entire Express process requires between 10 and 13 hours of an Advisor’s time. We recommend pricing that starts at $5,000.