ExitMap Express

ExitMap® Express™
A streamlined planning system for smaller businesses,
completed in 90 days requiring only 10 hours of your time.

The Express™ process is completed in five meetings (via video or in person) and produces a professional 100-page plan.

An ExitMap® Enterprise Subscription is only $249 monthly, and provides unlimited use of all the forms, coaching tools and report templates for the complete 90 day Express process. Your Business Development Coach will guide you through training, and we guarantee that you will land a client engagement in 60 days or receive a complete refund!

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ExitMap FAQs for AdvisorsExpress™ Frequently Asked Questions
Learn more about our 90-day planning system for companies with fewer than 20 employees.

Q: How can I do an exit plan in only 90 days?

A:  Our step-by-step playbook walks you through the process. It details preparation for each client meeting (a total of five,) what happens during the meeting and your follow up afterwards.


Q: Why is this for smaller businesses?

A:  Main Street (under 20 employee) companies have fewer transition options. They can transfer the company to family or employees, or list it for sale to a third party. An Express plan will help the owner examine the feasibility of each option, along with his or her retirement needs and the practicality of exiting in a desired timeframe.


Q: Can I use Express™ with larger clients?

A:  The tools that come with Express can be used with any size business and work well with other comprehensive planning systems. For mid-market (over $3,000,000 enterprise value) clients, even those considering a Private Equity or Strategic sale, Express is an excellent option for starting the planning process. Check out the list of the tools that are included in Express here.


Q: What will my client receive at the end of the process?

A:  Your deliverable is a 100 page report, customized with your logo and company information. Each functional area (finance, planning, sales and operations) has questions for you to answer regarding the client’s plan and objectives, along with Action Item questions where you can suggest further advisory assistance. The nine exhibits in the report are the full-color outputs from each exercise you completed with the client during your meetings.


Q: How much should I charge for an Express engagement?

A:  We recommend a fee of $5,000 for your ten hour effort, but you can charge as much or as little as you wish. Because the Final Report Action Items lead logically to more work, Express is frequently a “Phase One” type of engagement. We have found that businesses who won’t engage at that price are unlikely to be good prospects for any serious consulting help.


Q: Why should I bother working with smaller businesses?

A:  Several terrific reasons

• They represent over 90% of all employers.
• Their limited options enable a standardized approach.
• Their transitions are just as important to their owners.


Your Business Development Coach will guide you through the process.
You will succeed, or it costs you nothing!

The ExitMap® Express™ Tools

1) The ExitMap® Reports: (Assessment, Analysis and Action Plan)
Three reports from one 15 minute online questionnaire. The start of every ExitMap® Express plan.

2) Advisor’s Debriefing Guide:
An interview form to use during the Assessment debriefing.

3) The Business Baseline:
An in-depth owner interview with information and details about the company and the owner.

4) Documentation Checklist:
A list of financial reports needed to complete the plan.

5) Owner Centricity Quiz©:
Analyze the company’s dependence on the owner for routine operations.

6) Cash Flow Calculator: (Calculate Seller’s Discretionary Earnings)
Helps define the true cash flow and value of a small business.

7) Cash Flow Illustrator©: (3 Year EBITDA and SDE weighting)
Shows the funds available for executing the exit strategy.

8) Seller’s Sanity Check©:
A way to quickly test an owner’s expectations of value.

9) Distance to Goal Triangulation©:
A simple graphing tool to develop time frame and proceeds scenarios.

10) Personal Vision Worksheet©:
Helps define goals and objectives for “Life After the Business.”

11) Management Succession Worksheet©:
Using the answers and categories from the Owner Centricity Quiz, allows rapid development of a functional “depth chart” to help identify operational weaknesses.

12) Overview of the Plan Elements:
A precursor to final plan build used as a guide to ensure the plan includes all of the elements.

13) Express Final Plan and Action Items Template©:
The finished product for the client, incorporating all the tools and findings from the engagement.

14) Implementation Tracker:
A tool for following the Team and overall Plan progress.

September 2019: ExitMap® Founder, speaker, and award-winning author John F. Dini, CExP, CEPA discusses developing the 90- day Express process and why it creates a new specialty in lucrative small business planning.

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