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ExitMap FAQs for AdvisorsExitMap® FAQs
Answers to frequently asked questions about ExitMap®

Q: How will ExitMap® benefit my business?

A:  One of the biggest challenges in exit planning is getting a business owner to have a “real” conversation about transition. The ExitMap® Assessment is an easy (15 minutes online) non-threatening (we ask for no confidential or financial information) way to help prospective clients understand the value of planning.

Q: How can I use the ExitMap® in my marketing?

A:  Our Affiliates are constantly developing new ways to use their unlimited reports, but here are just a few:

1.  As the “next step.” When a client says “Oh, I’m not going to do anything for five years,” you can answer “Don’t you want to understand what you could be doing in those five years to maximize your proceeds?”
2.  By putting links to their custom assessment webpages in email signatures, newsletters, on their websites, in advertising, and in our regular drip email campaigns.
3.  By offering the assessment before, during or following presentations.
4.  By offering it to referral sources both as an example test (to see what their clients would see) and for cooperative discussions with their clients.

Q: What should I charge for an ExitMap® debriefing?

A:  Most of our Affiliates don’t charge for a one-hour debriefing, and we provide support tools for structuring that hour so it leads to an engagement. A few however, use the 40 page Analysis to conduct a 3 hour debriefing and charge between $1,000 and $1,500 for that service.

Q: I already have planning software for business analysis and value enhancement. Why should I add ExitMap®?

A:  As exit planners ourselves, we use a number of tools in our work. We created ExitMap® to address the issues we found with other systems, specifically:

 Something that a client can complete quickly and easily, that
 Doesn’t take an investment of a lot of your time before you are being paid, and
 Shows immediate value to the client, while
 Raising no issues of confidentiality (or compliance,) and
 Giving you concrete information about what the client knows and doesn’t know.

In other words, we felt a simpler, faster, more cost-effective approach was needed. We are not trying to replace your comprehensive planning tools.

Q: Will ExitMap® bring me more clients?

A:  No, marketing will bring you more clients. We will list you in our directories, send owners who take assessments from YourExitMap.com to you, and offer opportunities for blog contributions and other visibility-increasing activities, but any software is only as good as the system it’s used in.

Q: Why would I want to include ExitMap® Express™ in my subscription?

A:  Smaller (20 employees or fewer) businesses still have planning needs, but it has always been difficult to make reasonable professional fees when working with them. Express is designed to generate approximately $500 an hour while completing an initial plan in 90 days, and creating an Action item list for future consulting services.
All the tools in the Express process can be downloaded for use on your computer, or completed with the client in video calls.


Take the ExitMap® Test Drive

Trying the ExitMap® for yourself will allow you to:

See the reports your clients will receive
Review the quality content contained in each report
Experience the customization features first-hand
Learn how feedback aligns with client responses
Understand how debriefing leads to new advisory work

Get Started

To test drive the ExitMap® you need only complete our online Assessment. It’s free, comes without risk or obligation and will only take about 15 minutes to complete. ExitMap for Exit Planning Assessment Button

After taking the Test Drive you will become an ExitMap® Registered Advisor with benefits that include access to sample reports, a subscription to the
exit planning blog Your ExitMap exit planning Blog, the “Beating the Boomer Bust” eBook, relevant exit planning articles and notification of training and updates.


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