ExitMap Recommended Reading

The ExitMap® Recommended Reading
Business Owner Education: Books by John F. Dini

ExitMap Recommended Reading Your Exit Map

Your Exit Map:
Navigating the Boomer Bust

by John F. Dini, CMBA, CExP

Your Exit Map: Navigating the Boomer Bust is an illuminating look at America’s most entrepreneurial generation, and the impending Tsunami of business owners exiting their companies. Richly illustrated in full color with charts, graphs and iconic photos of Boomer history, it provides a detailed guide to controlling the process of a successful business transition. Find the hardcover, paperback and eBook on Amazon.com.

ExitMap Recommended Reading 11 Things Cover

You Absolutely Need to Know About Selling Your Business

by John F. Dini, CMBA, CExP

11 Things You Absolutely Need to Know About Selling Your Business is a practical, plain spoken primer on the process of marketing and selling a “Main Street” business. Owners seeking to transition need guidance before starting the sale process if they want to maximize the financial results. The process can be intimidating and complex. Using a straight forward step-by-step approach, this book provides the blueprint and tools needed to understand what it will take to prepare, market, and sell any business.

ExitMap Recommended Reading Boomer Bust Cover

Beating the Boomer Bust

by John F. Dini, CMBA, CExP

The “Beating the Boomer Bust” eBook, is a collection of articles focused on the unique challenges facing the business community due to the large population of retiring Baby Boomer business owners. The selections were taken from articles in John’s weekly column on business ownership, Awake at 2 o’clock? It is the product of a year of research, and of fifteen years helping business owners prepare to leave their companies. Small business owners in America are ignoring a tidal wave of change that will leave a few small businesses untouched while wiping many others from the face of the planet.

Hunting Cover

Hunting in a Farmer’s World:
Celebrating the Mind of an Entrepreneur

by John F. Dini, CMBA, CExP

Hunting in a Farmer’s World is the book that celebrates the differences that drive entrepreneurs. It is filled with the stories of real business owners who overcame real challenges; including those that accompany success. From the ambition that captures an entrepreneur and drives him to take the plunge of starting up, to the unexpected pitfalls of a successful transition. Hunting in a Farmer’s World examines why business owners are different from the people who work for them.

Other Recommended Reading
Exit Planning for Business Owners

ExitMap Recommended Reading Exit Planning The Definitive Guide CoverExit Planning:
The Definitive Guide
by John H. Brown

ExitMap Recommended Reading Finish Big CoverFinish Big
How Great Entrepreneurs
Exit their Companies on Top
by Bo Burlingham
ExitMap Recommended Reading Built to Sell CoverBuilt to Sell
Creating a Business That Can Thrive Without You
by John Warrillow
ExitMap Recommended Reading Rocket Fuel CoverRocket Fuel
The One Essential Combination That Will Get You More…
by Gino Wickman

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