ExitMap Process

The ExitMap® Client Engagement System

A Proven Step-by-Step Process
from First Contact to a Paid Advisory Relationship.

The Process:
Created by a top exit planning practitioner, using the same techniques that successfully sold consulting services to over 500 business owners. An ExitMap® Marketing Subscription provides you with the tools, system and training to reach more prospects and engage more clients.
Start today for only $99 a month!

Step 1 – First Contact!  Client completes the 15-minute questionnaire.

A.  At your request, or
B.  From a custom widget in your email signature, or
C.  Via links in your newsletter, or
D.  Offered in a presentation or webinar, or
E.  Through their trade or professional association, or
F.  At the recommendation of a referral source.

The Assessment consists of 22 multiple choice questions
and requires no financial or confidential information.

Step 2 – Call.  Schedule a video or in-person debriefing.

The client can only receive the 40-page Analysis by
scheduling a meeting with you.

Step 3 – Debrief.  A one hour conversation to
               identify client objectives and highlight your skills.

Present the client’s custom Analysis as an attractive and professional “thank you” for meeting. It describes the specific areas where he or she could use your assistance.

Step 4 – Proposal.  Detail how you will assist the client in his or her exit readiness.
Step 5 – Engagement.  Begin your professional advisory relationship.

Our Guaranteed Onboarding Process™ will have a major impact on the success of your practice. We guarantee you’ll sign a new client engagement within 60 days, or we’ll refund 100% of your investment!

Your Business Development Coach will guide you through the process.
You will succeed, or it costs you nothing!

The Advisor Reports:
Created exclusively for use by planning professionals, the Advisor Reports are designed to guide you through a structured debriefing and demonstrate your value as an advisor. Effectively review critical areas of need using information which is prioritized so that you can focus specifically on improvements in your area of expertise.

The Action Plan:

Includes the content in the client’s Analysis, plus:

  The Snapshot to analyze key areas of client need
  Consulting tips and hints for each functional area
  Recommendations for an effective first encounter

The Action Plan along with the Debriefing Guide provide a step-by-step methodology for closing an engagement in your very first meeting.

The Advisor’s Guide:

This reference guide is a descriptive index of the content in our six full-length training videos. It incudes time signatures so you can review specific areas whenever you want.
“The Advisor’s Guide is like another Certification Course without the expense.”
                                          ~CFP, CLU, ChFC, CEPA

Still not sure that $99 a month can provide the highest quality professional tools?

For professionals seeking to generate $500/hour using a structured, cost effective exit planning process, we recommend our ExitMap® Enterprise Subscription. It includes unlimited all-access to the ExitMap® Express™ System to build exit plans for smaller companies in about 90 days with only a 10 hour time committment by an Advisor.
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