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The ExitMap® Assessment© for Zeller Kern Wealth Advisors
The First Step to Understanding the Complexities of Preparing a Company for Transition

This questionnaire consists of 22 questions which will produce a 12-page summary report that will be emailed to you and Zeller Kern Wealth Advisors. The report ranks the overall preparedness of a company for transition and provides a breakdown of the four major categories of readiness; Finance, Planning, Profit/Revenue and Operations.

Start the ExitMap® Assessment© Questionnaire:

Zeller Kern Wealth Advisors utilize The ExitMap® to help clients start the planning process with a clear understanding of their current level of exit preparedness.
Please enter your email address and select your advisor from the drop down list. You and Zeller Kern Wealth Advisors will receive the ExitMap® Assessment© report in approximately one business day.

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